Capabilities and solutions to help your team solve strategic marketing challenges and improve marketing performance.

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Services and Expertise

Planning, research and training supporting better marketing performance

Business Strategy & Planning

Effective strategic planning is a key pillar of corporate direction. At TMW we believe business strategy and marketing strategy should be intimately connected; marketing strategy will be ineffective unless built from sound business strategy. TMW offers comprehensive business planning services. Our process engages with your leadership and management teams and includes planning design, facilitation and documentation.

Marketing Strategy

This is our core passion. Development of marketing strategy that clearly positions and differentiates organizations, products or services. We assist you in assessing market conditions and opportunities; developing objectives-driven marketing strategies, including audience segmentation and positioning.

Brand Strategy & Planning

The process by which an organization defines and then manages the most valuable corporate and marketing asset: your brand. And we don’t mean your logo or tagline. We support your brand’s health through brand architecture design, brand identity analysis and crafting of brand policies – including social media policies that support and protect your brand health.

Market Intelligence & Research

The | Marketing | Works offers a complete suite of market intelligence and research services that help you learn more about current or potential markets, make better business strategy decisions or to solve tactical issues. We offer a full range of primary and secondary research and market intelligence capabilities and bring in trusted partners to support large or complex projects.


We live in a world where life-long learning is critical not only for personal reasons but also for organizational competitiveness and sustainability and performance. If you need one-on-one coaching, or a custom program for a marketing team, TMW offers both bespoke and off-the-shelf training and development. Training programs are developed and delivered by Rob Woyzbun. Rob has a deep understanding of curriculum design and delivery based on ten years of successful teaching at the Queen’s University Smith School of Business.
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